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The Light Givers Humanitarian Foundation is deeply committed to engaging and developing people and communities through community based initiatives; A system where community members take collective action by generating solutions to their common problems. Our community development programs is also a form of community building with focus on improving life of community members with programs and projects that bring about positive social change and also improve the standard of living.

Light Givers Humanitarian Foundation addresses challenges that affect men, women and children in our communities on a global scale. We believe our humanitarian community actions, can reach the remote and slum communities where these challenges prevail. Communities across the world face lots of socio-economic challenges such that with the support of civil society organizations, corporate organizations, government of Nations and private individuals partnering with the Light Givers Humanitarian foundation we can address these challenges through programs and projects organized to improve the standard of living for those living under extreme poverty.


The health of a community is critical in determining the wellbeing of its population. Community action necessary to maintain a healthy community includes; community health sensitization programs, free or subsidized health care services, providing clean water, building of clinics and hospitals.

Education and Training

Skill acquisitionis a training and mentorship program sponsored and organized by the Foundation to empower, generate and also diversify the income of its beneficiaries. This is why we focus on entrepreneurial and vocational skill programs. Vocational programs which include; barbing, tailoring, catering, painting, automobile repairs, beads crafting, shoe and bag making etc. It supports industrialization, human capital development, generates income for the beneficiaries, and creates employment opportunities that improve the economy of our communities. Mentoring the younger generation is necessary for a better society. The light givers humanitarian foundation is eager to impact, inspire, motivate and sensitize good moral values, that the younger generation may shun all forms of social vices and embrace a life of honesty, integrity, innovation and hard work.
Award of scholarship; we do this to assist children from families or orphans who cannot afford paying school fees. Scholarship given to poor children by the Light givers humanitarian foundation helps to encourage literacy in our communities.


Shelter for all is an initiative we adopted to provide shelter for the homeless. It is a good way to reintegrate people into the society. There are a great number of persons living in inhumane conditions without shelter. The Light givers humanitarian foundation is poised to provide adequate living conditions by building community shelters for the wellbeing of the homeless.

Volunteer Network

Our Volunteers network is a platform that engages humans with a collective action to execute community development projects and program to improve the standard of living in our communities. The volunteers are individuals or groups cut across different professions. We work side by side to achieve a common vision. The volunteer network of the Light givers humanitarian foundation makes our projects and programs possible; together we spread love and light all over the world.

Feeding Program

Eradication of hunger amongst persons living in extreme poverty is of critical concern to the Light Givers humanitarian foundation. To this effect the Foundation sponsors a monthly food sharing campaign. As part of our support to help eradicate hunger, The Light Givers foundation will continue to engage the less privileged through our global partners, volunteers and voluntary donations to make the monthly food sharing campaign successful, to feed 1000 persons living under extreme poverty in our communities.

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