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August 17, 2019
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August 10, 2019
  • TaskIhiala 27th April 2019, Free Medical Outreach

It was a beehive of activities on the 27th of April 2019 as the light givers humanitarian foundation was set as at 8:00am, at the venue in Akwa village. There were canopies and chairs to ensure that the participants are seated to prevent any form of stampede or disorder. We also had doctors, nurses and lab-tech scientists who volunteered to help with this outreach. The principal officers sensitized the people on how to maintain a healthy environment and also gave them basic disease preventive measures. The Chairman addressed the people saying “health is wealth and only a healthy person can have a quality life, therefore you people should listen to the medical personnel’s and take their advice”.

Over 2500 persons were in attendance at the medical outreach. Prescribed medications were given to everyone that had one form of complaint or the other. Over 1500 adults and over 1000 children were given anti malaria drugs. Medical tests like sugar level, HIV and blood pressure checkups was conducted by the lab technologist.

The medical outreach program lasted for over 14 hours but the team was not deterred as we had to ensure that everyone present was duly attended to.

Special thanks to our volunteers for all your contributions. Your efforts and donations help make our vision possible.

High Chief Stanley C.O. Chairman The Light Givers Foundation

Here are the pictures below

We organized a free medical outreach at Ihiala Anambra State. We reached out to over 2500 persons; elderly, adult and children in their community.