Our Chairman

High Chief Stanley Chukwudi Obodoagwu

Stanley Chukwudi Obodoagwu, a Nigerian is an international business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and humanitarian married with 5 children. He is known for his business prowess and humanitarian service in his community and across Africa. In 2004, he founded ETS Fidelity in Democratic Republic of Congo which grew to become a successful mining, automobile spare parts dealership, a media production and trading company. Stanley held the position of Chairman and CEO, while also being the largest individual shareholder. Later in his career, Stanley pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors. He donated large amounts of money to various charitable organizations. He has mentored and groomed human capital amongst the youth, giving opportunities to those denied of it. He sponsored a private execution of community projects, offered free scholarships to many from primary to tertiary level education, provided shelter for many homeless families and sponsored free health care projects through the Light Givers Humanitarian Foundation. In 2019, Stanley launched the Light Givers Humanitarian Foundation, as a visionary leader together with partners and increasing membership of the organization, has pledge to give donations to philanthropy. The foundation strive to promote love, save lives, improve global health, groom and mentor human capital development, collaborating with other civil society rights organizations to alleviate poverty, health challenges, support education, improve living conditions of individuals and promote community development.