Health Intervention Program – Miss Christina Ukamaka Operation

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May 17, 2019
The Light Givers Humanitarian Foundation 2019 Programs summary
December 12, 2019


Miss. Christina Ukamaka Ekebuso an indigene of Anambra State was diagnosed with ovarian cyst and acute fibroid. The Light Givers foundation took interest on Miss. Ukamaka’s situation. We were deeply touched by her story on how she could not afford to pay N4,000 ($11 USD) for her medical tests. She required prompt medical treatment for her condition was getting worse. As parts of our community healthcare intervention; the light givers humanitarian foundation decided to take responsibility for her medical treatment. Many other persons hospitalized were also rescued by the foundation as their medical treatment bills were relieved of them. We believe people living under extreme poverty deserve a chance to quality health care treatment regardless of their financial standing. Miss. Ukamaka underwent a successful surgery. We are the light. See video and pictures below

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